What is Fellowship Film?

Fellowship Film is an emerging independent film production company in Scotland.

We believe in the power of meaningful stories and positive communities in the making of bold films.

What kind of films?

Our films are intentionally ambitious and distinctively Scottish because we aim to show that Scotland doesn't need to shy away from producing films that are big, brave and inspiring (like its countryside)! Epic fantasy films are what inspire us, and epic fantasy films is what we want to make, in the hope that they will, in turn, inspire others.

Who’s behind it?

Fellowship Film is a family endeavour - literally! Brothers Philip Todd, Matthew Todd and Nathan Todd teamed up with their cousins John Walkinshaw and Tom Walkinshaw in July 2014 to start making films.

Philip Todd is an award-winning young filmmaker and has a strong vision for Scotland to become an international centre for high quality film production.

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