Wonderful people of Scotland! The Picts are almost upon us and we desperately need help to build the fortress of Dunadd in preparation for the assault! (Actually the Gaels are going to be slaughtered regardless but that's besides the point)

Build 2 semi-complete houses and 1 full house, a 7ft gate and 2 sections of wall

Who we're looking for?
Someone who can come and help out, ideally comfortable lifting some wooden planks etc. Bring welly boots (or hiking boots) and expect to get muddy!

- Sat 27th Aug
- Fri 2nd Sept
- Sat 3rd Sept
Times: 10am - 5pm (please bring your own lunch ?)

Just north of Kilsyth; full details will be confirmed on Friday.

To get involved email: nathan@fellowshipfilm.com