It has been an epic and exhilarating journey, but on Monday 10 July 2017 ‘The Gaelic King’ became available to buy on DVD in the UK! Many people pre-ordered their copy to be one of the first to own the film.

Other territories will follow soon and it will likely become available in North America next. Do get in touch if you would like to know when it will be available in your part of the world and we will tell you as soon as we know.


The Journey

Words are hopelessly inadequate to describe all that we - the Fellowship Film team - are feeling at this time. I’ll summarise as ‘gratitude’ and ‘hope’.

Gratitude for the amazing people that had faith in us right from the earliest days of fundraising for ‘Dalriata’s King’; gratitude for the incredible cast, crew and talent that gave their all to make this project a success, suffering long hours, bitter weather, and minimal remuneration; gratitude to God for putting this vision in our hearts and giving us the strength and courage to persevere; and eternal gratitude to everyone who has stood by us until this moment. So many have made huge sacrifices financially, in time and in energy. The best way we can express this gratitude is to work to make ‘The Gaelic King’ the success that they believed it could be right from the beginning. 

Hope that all this risk and sacrifice might really make a difference; hope that the world is about to see what the Scottish film industry is really made of; hope that our story can encourage others to pursue their passions and follow through on their dreams; hope that what comes next will be even more exciting!


What’s next?

The film has been sold to many territories around the world. Over the coming months ‘The Gaelic King’ should start becoming available in supermarkets, video stores, streaming services, and other online retailers. Our hope is that this will really make people sit up and think ‘if this can be done on a micro-budget, surely Scotland’s talent is capable of much more than we thought!’

Hopefully you will be excited to hear that we are already working intensively towards our next feature film project which we hope can be even higher quality and more revolutionary than ‘The Gaelic King’.


Can I help?

There are several very simple ways that you can make a huge difference:

  • Leave positive reviews on Amazon and IMDb after the release. This could have a landslide effect on sales:



  • Buy the DVD. The benefits are obvious but at this stage it’s much less about sales and more about convincing the distributors that this is a product they should be taking notice of.
  • Share share share! If you are on social media, share the links to the DVD and IMDb. If you have friends who are interested in Scottish history, fantasy, film, adventure, or anything really, share and get them to share!

These things really do make a surprisingly significant impact.



Once again, thank you for joining us on this adventure. We would love you to keep in touch through email, or our social media:

And remember, this is just a beginning…

Yours sincerely,

The Fellowship