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A request from our costume designer, Hannah Graham (also queen-of-puns in residence!):

Do ewe have unwanted animal furs and fleeces creating quite the FURful sight in your home? We would love to put them to good use in our costume department - good quality or baaaad, we will be delighted to have them.

If you think you can help, please email John (Art Director) john@fellowshipfilm.com or contact Hannah.

Final Filming On The Gael King To Take Place In September

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The Gael King will be returning to the field (quite literally) for our third and final block of shooting. During "Block C" we will be shooting some short but crucial scenes - the Prologue and Epliogue, as well as some flashback sequences.

We are welcoming some new talent to the cast, as well as the production team.

The filming will take place in three locations: Edinburgh, near Crieff and near Kilsyth. 

Teaser Trailer Released for The Gael King

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This is a very special moment for us: to be able to share a little glimpse of just how epic this film is going to be!

The dedication, perseverance, generosity, enthusiasm and general awesomeness of so many people has brought us to this place.

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At the Marché du Film in Cannes

Marche du film

Nathan and Phil have been attending the Cannes Film Market this week to promote The Gael King.

The reception to the film has been really positive and it has been a brilliant opportunity to network and make some contacts. Here's hoping for a bright future for The Gael King!

Catch up on Nathan and Phil's update videos on the Facebook page.