The Idea

Where do you normally start when making a film? With a concept? A script? Funding? We decided to start a little differently... by building a village!

It has been an ambition of many years for the members of Fellowship Film to make an epic feature film in Scotland. The idea for the story first sparked into life in the summer of 2013 when the five of us were sat around itching to make a movie. By that Christmas we had a first draft of the script. But would we be able to make it? Whilst we had all been involved in film productions of various types we had never made anything together. So we decided to test ourselves first by making a short film. And so the first ever Fellowship Film project was born: The Fable of Forsaken.

We shot Fable in the summer of 2014 and at the cast and crew screening later that year it was given an exhilaratingly positive reception. Distribution began in January 2015 with people across the globe purchasing the film or requesting subtitled versions, and it will continue to be submitted to various festivals throughout 2015.

So we had answered our question. We could do it. We could take a film from concept to distribution and have something of value at the end of it. So it was time to go bigger!

A small early medieval village would be more than just a great set for a fantasy film. It would be more than just a fun and challenging summer building project. It would be a historical voyage, as we researched how and what people would build in those times, and it would be a chance to grow a community, as we invited local friends and acquaintances to get involved.

All we needed to get started was a piece of land.

Where We Are Now

A very generous lady has allowed us the use of a piece of land to make our dream a reality. It’s ideally situated with easy access, surrounding trees, unused barns for storage and a big pile of wood to start us off! It’s more than ideal. It’s a sign - a big slap in the face - saying you better get on with this now!

Here’s an early CGI previs our Production Manager Tom made to give a rough idea of where we’re heading. 


What’s Next

We are now on the lookout for people who are interested in getting involved in this crazy adventure. Ideally you would live not too far from Airth (near Falkirk) have reasonable availability during the summer (especially August) and not be averse to a bit of manual labour! If this is you, please do get in touch via our Contact page.

If it’s not you, why not get in touch anyway and say hello! We would love to hear from you!