The first block of shooting for Dalriata’s King was an epic success! The month of September saw an incredible combination of passion and hard graft from over 100 individuals who tirelessly gave of their time and talents to achieve the impossible.


We hit the ground running on the first day of shooting with a large scale battle scene including an army of Tree Demons and five horses! There were multiple challenges because of the sheer amount of costumes and makeup that needed to be co-ordinated but with a little patience and a good deal of perseverance, we pulled together to produce a day of filming that would set the tone for the rest of the block.

The first week of the intensive three week shoot focussed on most of the Pict action and, consequently, a good deal of the fights and action sequences. We were very fortunate to have in our cast some very experienced martial artists and re-enactment experts who, as well as performing with amazing physical ability, were able to pass on much of their expertise to the rest of the cast. We were blown away by the willingness of all cast and supporting actors to throw themselves wholeheartedly into the action (sometimes quite literally!).


Week two was more of the same but the Picts made their fond farewells and we welcomed our child principles and actors for the first time. Some of our youngsters were already very experienced but many had never done a project of this scale before and, for some, it was their first time on a film set! They did themselves proud in some challenging locations and long days. It was wonderful to see the sense of teamwork and even family beginning to develop over the week. They say ‘never work with children and animals’ but, on both counts, we are so very glad that we did! Though every day brought its unique challenges for props, makeup and sets, we somehow managed to make it through the the end of week two with the film on schedule and the passion still burning.

The third week saw the use of our roundhouse interior which had been built by hand in the the preceding weeks and - if we are honest - using every available moment! The structure represented a considerable amount of man-hours, careful structural planning and meticulous set dressing. Of all our locations, this was perhaps our favourite as it transported us back so completely to the golden age of Dalriata. There were more exhausting days for our principles, particularly Alpin and Finn, but in every moment we could not have asked for more professionalism and enthusiasm.

Block A culminated with a stunning location shoot in Aviemore. Through many challenges and an incredibly intense block of shooting, somehow we are all still smiling and standing in awe of what we have achieved so far together.


Bring on November and Block B!